Member Resources

Duke Band members give it their all both on and off the field. And being that Duke is the ONLY top-10 university with a traditional marching/pep athletics ensemble, we understand better than anyone that that "off the field" frequently translates to "in the classroom." Make no mistake... we're here to help. Members of the Duke University Marching Band strive to perform well during halftime, without sacrifice to their study-time.

General Duke resources for academic help can be found under "Academic Help." Info on free peer-tutoring, career advice, workshops, advising, and department-specific links can all be found here. We know it's a jungle out there in terms of looking for help, so we've done our best to sort everything out and put it in one place for your convenience.

Under "Mentors" you'll get an all-access pass to one of DUMB's greatest assets -- our student network. Given the band's diverse student composition, it's very likely that a fellow band member is already an expert at whatever major or minor you may wish to pursue. Here we present a contact list primarily composed of juniors and seniors who are just itching to help you out. The best part? They're ready to dole out the nitty-gritty info that you won't get from an advisor, including (but not limited to) advice on fulfilling requirements with minimal overload, and which professors/classes to avoid like the plague!

Our President and Drum Majors will hold weekly "Officer Hours". The times and locations are as follows:

Sofia Calicchio, Tuesday 11:30-1:00PM in Von Der Hayden Cafe

Shannon Roivas, Wednesday 2:00-3:30PM in the Marketplace

Zach Ford, Thursday 3:30-5:00PM in McDonalds Lobby in BC

Erik Savereide, Friday 11:45-1:15PM in the Marketplace